Friday, March 19, 2010

"He Got a Hold on You"....

From 1970's "The Return of the Marvelettes", here are the Marvelettes with "Marionette."
From "Traveling Man", here's Oddisee with the beautiful instrumental called "San Fran."

"Remember the Time When I Tickled the Middle of Your Back".....

From "The Sensuous Sounds of Sylvia" or 1976's "Sweet Vibrations", here's Sylvia with "Next Time That I See You." Unreleased (well obviously released now, lol) track from Common called "Next Time." From 9th Wonder and Buckshot's "Chemistry", here's "Birdz" featuring Phonte' and Keisha Shontelle.

"Her Auntie Told Your Cousin, Then All Your Homies Jumped In"....

From 1977's "We Are One", here's Mandrill with "Gilly Hines."
From "Afrodisiac", here's Brandy with "Talk About Our Love" featuring Kanye West.
From 1973, here's Jackie Moore with "Clean Up Your Own Yard", off of "Sweet Charlie Babe."
Here's Christina Milikan with the Cool & Dre produced, "Say I" featuring Young Jeezy.

"Now We Smokin', Chokin', Rolling Blunts".....

From 1979, here's Chapter 8 (Anita Baker singing lead) with "I Just Want to Be Your Girl." From "E.1999", here's Bone: Thugs-n-Harmony with "1st of the Month." From "The King is Back", here's Lil' Wayne and the Game with "Red Magic."

"One Love"......

From 1977's "Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow", here are the Spinners with "I Found Love (When I Found You."
From "The Further Adventures of Lord Quas", here's Quas with MED for "The Exclusive."

Saturday, January 16, 2010

"I've Made Up My Mind...I Know That I Love You So"...

From 1979's "Float Into the Future", here are the Floaters with "Made Up My Mind."
From Johnson and Jonson (Blu and Mainframe), here's "La La Land" featuring Be Young from Pacific Division (PAC DIV). This is off the Japanese Edition.

"So Now You're Trying....Trying To Even Up the Score"..

From 1972's "I Love the Way You Love", here's Betty Wright with "I Love You Forever (Heart and Soul)."
From "Brooklynati", here's Tanya Morgan and Blu with "Morgan Blu."

"Got Both Feet On the Ground"....

From 1975's "Stepping Into Tomorrow", here's trumpeter Donald Byrd with the title track. From "Madlib: Shades of Blue", here's genius, Madlib with his remake/remix of Donald Byrd's "Stepping Into Tomorrow." From 1993's "Hand on the Torch", here's US3 with "The Darkside."

"If You Feel It Raise Your L in the Sky"

From 1974's "Jamal Plays Jamal", here's pianist, Ahmad Jamal with "Pastures."
From "Reasonable Doubt", here's Jay-Z with "I'm Feelin' It."