Tuesday, November 17, 2009

"They Just a Pale Make of My Chromosones"..

From "Go Right: Jazz Poland 1963-75", here are the Novi Singers with "Five, Four, Three." http://www.zshare.net/audio/686114543a7563c1/ From "So...How's Your Girl?", here's Handsome Boy Modeling School featuring Del tha Funkee Homosapien with "Magnetizing." http://www.zshare.net/audio/68611764be7a7241/

"Nothin Ever Promised Tomorrow Today"....

From 1970's "Travelin'", here's Tommy James and the Shondells with "Candy Maker."
From "Late Registration", here's Kanye with Adam Levine for "Heard 'Em Say." Drum Sample. Blink and you may miss this quick sample. lol

"He Got the Funk Yeeeeah"...

From the "Final Comedown", here's guitarist Grant Green with the smooth "Luanna's Theme." http://www.zshare.net/audio/6861030450c50ea3/
From Digable Planets' "Blowout Comb", here's "For Corners."

"Shoot Your Daughter in the Calf Muscle"...

From 1973's "Ecstasy", here are the Ohio Players (go head Junie!!) with "Ecstasy." http://www.zshare.net/audio/68610096002c18a2/ From "Reasonable Doubt", here's Jay-Z and Biggie with "Brooklyn's Finest." http://www.zshare.net/audio/686101544a275edb/

"Yes Yes Ya'll"...

From 1972's "Perception", here's underrated Philly band, Catalyst with "Uzuri."
From "The Mind", here's the title track from underrated MC Chubb Rock.
From ma girl, Bahamdia, off of "Kollage", here's Spontaneity."
From "Nocturnal", here's the Fab 5 (Heltah Skeltah) with "Leflaur Leflah Eshkoshka."

Friday, November 6, 2009

"La la La La Laaaa"

Also this 1967 classic, "Memory Band"
was sampled for
Off of "Center of Attention", here's INI with "Life I Live."
From "the Score", here are the Fugees with the Roberta Flack remake, "Killing Me Softly."
Here's the original: From 1973's "Killing Me Softly", here's Roberta Flack with the title track.

"If You Need 'Em I Got Crazy Profilactics"...

From 1977's "Come Into Knowledge" here's RAMP (Roy Ayers Music Project) with the gem, "Daylight." http://www.zshare.net/audio/6809439436b17505/ From 1967, here's Chess Records own, Rotary Connection (RIP Minnie Riperton) with "Memory Band." http://www.zshare.net/audio/680947548effd2a1/
From "People's Instinctive Travels and the Paths of Rhythm", here's a Tribe Called Quest with "Bonita Applebum."

"You Keep Sayin' 'Kick It, Quit It'"

From 1971's "Pieces of a Man", here is the classic "Home is Where the Hatred Is" by the marvelous Gil Scott-Heron.
From "Late Registration", here's Common's "My Way Home" off Kanye's CD.

"Never Sleep', Cause Sleep is The Cousin of Death"

From 1972 "Black Byrd", here's Donald Byrd with "Flight Time."
From Nasir Jones classic "Illmatic", here's "NY State of Mind."

"Day In, Day Out"...

From 1972's "Black Byrd", here's Donald Byrd with "Where Are We Going?"
From "Live From Ackniculous Land", here "(Peace) Ya' Self" from Philly's own, Three Times Dope.
An unreleased Mizell produced cut from 1972(later put on Byrd's album that same year), here's Marvin Gaye with "Where Are We Going?"

"Another Daay..Like Yesterday...ayy"

From 1979's "Ray, Goodman, and Brown", here's RGB with "Another Day."
From "One For All", here's Brand Nubian with "Wake Up (Reprise in the Sunshine)."