Friday, July 31, 2009

"What Am I Gonna Do?"....

From 1971's "Tell Me This is a Dream", here are the Delfonics with one of my faves "Round and Round."

Produced by 9th Wonder, here's Boot Camp Clik (BCC) with the Delfonics sampled, "Here We Come."

"I Hope You Don't Sink"...

From 1976's "Passengers with Eberhard Weber", here's Gary Burton with Weber for "B&G (Midwestern Nights Dream)". So cool!

From 1998's "hII", here's DJ Honda featuring De La Soul for "Trouble in the Water." B&G sampled.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

"They Say What's Happening, We Say"...

From 1974's "Misdemeanor", here's pianist/rhodist Ahmad Jamal (my dude!!), with his remake of the Spinners "Ghetto Child." Looooove this!
From 1998's "3rd Eye", here are the Hieroglyphics with the Jamal sampled, "The Who."
From 1992's "Daily Operation", here's Premo and Guru (Gang Starr) with the Jamal sampled, "The Illest Brother."
From 2005's "Be" (classic album), here's Common with the also Jamal sampled, "They Say" with John Legend and Kanye West.

"2600...Is For the Children"

From 1980's "Hang Together", here's Odyssey with "Don't Tell Me, Tell Her"....."it's over...It's Over." lol
From Phonte and Eccentic's "Story of U.S.", here's "Atari 2600." Odyssey sampled.

"Old Cop, Young Cop, Feel Alright"...

From 1967's "Wind, Sky, and Diamonds", here's Hungarian guitarist, Gabor Szabo and the Cali Dreamers with "San Franciscan Nights."
From "The Next Step", here's People Under the Stairs with the Szabo sampled, "San Francisco Knights."

"Hold Oooon...My Peopleee"..

From 1972's "People...Hold On", here's the Temptations own, Eddie Hendricks with the title track. From Donuts, here's the late Jay Dee with the late Kendricks sampled, "People." From my fave Cd of Erykah Badu, here's the reworked Dilla and Kendricks sampled, "My People."

Monday, July 20, 2009


From 1974's "Follow the Wind", here's Midnight Movers Unlimited with "Lost for Words." Love it!!
From "Once Again", here's John Legend with my fave off the album, "Another Again". Midnight Movers sampled An unreleased track of Talib Kweli and Marsha Ambrosius with the nostalgic "Take it Back." Midnight Movers sampled again.

"Gonna Find Myself Somebody..Somebody Who"

From 1972's "Under My Wings", here's the Smith Connection with "Wish I Had You." Very underrated group!!
From "The Weatherman" CD, here's Evidence (of Dilated Peoples) with the Smith Connection sampled "Chase the Clouds Away."


From 1978's "We Need Each Other", here's Leo's Sunshipp with "I'm Back for More."
From Blu and Mainframe's "Johnson & Jonson", here's the energetic, "Wow" by the duo. Sunshipp sampled.

Friday, July 17, 2009

"Mother Beautifuuuul"...

From 1974's "Small Talk", here's "Mother Beautiful" by Sly and the Family Stone. This is the last lp they made before breaking up. :(
From "Death of Adam", here's 88 Keys with "MILF" featuring Bilal.
Sly sampled.

"Oh Noooo".....

From 1972, here are the Stylistics with "You'll Never Get to Heaven If You Break My Heart." ....."oh noooooo."
From 2009's "Brooklynati", here's one of my fave hip hop groups, Tracy Morgan with "So Damn Down." Love the Stylistic sample. Enjoy!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

"If You Deaf, Dumb or Blind Your Suspended in Time"...

From 1974's "The Return of the Incredible Bongo Band", here's the smooth "Pipeline." From "Livin' Proof", here's the Premo produced track for group Home called "Suspended in Time."

"Blaaacks and Bluuuues"....

From "Blacks and Blues", here's the title track for the 1973 lp by flautist Bobbi Humphrey.

From "Black Bastards", here's KMD with "Plumskinz - Loose, Hoe God Cupid."
and "Plumskinz - Oh No I Don't Believe It."
From 1994's "Blowout Comb", here's Digable Planets with "The Art of Easin'." Bobbi sampled
From 1992's "Don't Sweat the Technique", here's Eric B and Rakim with the "Blacks and Blues" sampled "Keep the Beat."
to name a few.....
Fat Joe, Nice & Smooth, Justin Warfield etc...also sampled it.

"Something More Than Special"..

From 1981's "Closer Than Cloas", here's the title track from this Philly outfit, The Stylistics. Slept on album. (Another great song off this album is the stepper, "Mine All Mine.") From "The Healing", here's Strange Fruit Project with the 9th Wonder produced "Special" featuring Thesis. Stylistics sampled

"Got to Keep My Heart Together...Wait Until it Heals"..

From 1977's "Believe", here's Mass Production with "Keep My Heart Together." Love this group.
From "Labcabincalifornia", here's Pharcyde with "Moments in Time." Mass Pro sampled

"I Love You Just The Way You Are"....

From 1974's "Light of the World", here's Kool and the Gang with the simple and beautiful, "You Don't Have to Change." From Pete Rock's "NY's Finest", here's Pete Rock With Jim Jones and Max B for "We Roll." Kool sampled.
From Aquil's mixtape, "Blues People", here's Aquil and Charlie K with "Architect Technician." The same Kool sample.
From 1995's "Sittin' on Chrome", here's Masta Ace's "Can't Find Me." Kool also sampled

Monday, July 13, 2009

"Is the Cake Solid....." lol

From 1977, here's Cochise aka Joe Jackson aka Lawrence Hilton Jacobs with the smooth "Larry's Theme."
From Jean Grae and 9th's "Jeanius" (love the homage paid to 4 classic HH lps), here Hean and Phonte with "Track #5" or "The Time is Now."

"You're so Good To Me..."

From 1979's "Heartbeat", here's Curtis Mayfield (RIP) with the stepper, "You're So Good to Me." Gotta love Curtis!
From 1994, here's Ill Al Skratch with the Mayfield sampled....."looked her up and down and sam 'hmm "I'll Take Her." Love it!!
From her classic "My Life", here's the album and song that got me through my hellish teens, "Be Happy." Mayfield sampled of course

"Why oh why.."

From D.Byrd's students, The Blackbyrds 1974 lp, "Flying Start", here's funky a.s "Spaced Out." Looooove this song!!
From 1989, here's my girl, MC Lyte with that joint "Cappucino" - "Spaced Out" sampled.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

"Making Love...In The Rain...Can't Believe...The Joy It Brings Me"

From 1987's "Keep Your Eye on Me" (spawned the hit "Diamonds"), here's trumpeter/flugelhornists Herb Alpert with the quiet storm classic "Making Love in the Rain." Lead vocals - Lisa Keith and backs - Janet Jackson.
From my boys, off the "Set It Off" soundtrack, here's Bone Thugs n Harmony with "Dayz of Our Lives." Herp Alpert sampled.
(Also "Tender Love" by the Force MDs sampled too.)
From "Black Reign", here's my jam!! off the this album, "Just Another Day" by Queen Latifah.
From the 2006 "Lifted EP", Queens vocals were sampled on "Another Day" by Blu & Exile.