Saturday, January 16, 2010

"I've Made Up My Mind...I Know That I Love You So"...

From 1979's "Float Into the Future", here are the Floaters with "Made Up My Mind."
From Johnson and Jonson (Blu and Mainframe), here's "La La Land" featuring Be Young from Pacific Division (PAC DIV). This is off the Japanese Edition.

"So Now You're Trying....Trying To Even Up the Score"..

From 1972's "I Love the Way You Love", here's Betty Wright with "I Love You Forever (Heart and Soul)."
From "Brooklynati", here's Tanya Morgan and Blu with "Morgan Blu."

"Got Both Feet On the Ground"....

From 1975's "Stepping Into Tomorrow", here's trumpeter Donald Byrd with the title track. From "Madlib: Shades of Blue", here's genius, Madlib with his remake/remix of Donald Byrd's "Stepping Into Tomorrow." From 1993's "Hand on the Torch", here's US3 with "The Darkside."

"If You Feel It Raise Your L in the Sky"

From 1974's "Jamal Plays Jamal", here's pianist, Ahmad Jamal with "Pastures."
From "Reasonable Doubt", here's Jay-Z with "I'm Feelin' It."

"You Know I'll Be Waiting For Ya"......

From one of my favorite R&B albums in the 2000s, here's my girl Tweet with "My Place", off of "Southern Hummingbird."
My dude, here's Pharoahe Monch with "So Good" off the "Desire" CD.