Wednesday, October 21, 2009

"Oh Sh.t, Son, She Slurpin and Burpin"...

From 1971's "Victim of the Joke?", here's David Porter with "Storm in the Summertime."
From "Shaolin's Finest", here's Ghostface killah with Killah Sin for "Strawberries."

"When They See Me..They Give Me a Pound and a Bear Hug"....

From 1968's "Release of an Oath", here are the Electric Prunes with "General Confession."
From Black Moon's "War Zone", here's
"Duress." Electric Prunes sampled.
From "Stone Crazy", here's "Niggas Know" from the Beatnuts.
From "Scouts Honor...By Way of Blood", here's Rampage with "Flipmode Iz Da Squad."
From "The W", here's the Wu-Tang Clan with "The Monument" featuring Busta Rhymes.

Monday, October 12, 2009

"At 5th and Fashion..Betta Call Yo .iggas"...

From 1983's "Kashif", here's Kashif with "The Mood."
From 88's "Strictly Business", here's EPMD with "DJ K La Boss."
From "Minstrel Show", here's Little Brother with "5th and Fashion." Kashif sampled/interpolated.

"Woman Get Away While You Can"...

From 1971's "Love's Lines Angles and Rhymes", here's 5th Dimension with "He's a Runner."
From "Livin Proof", here's Group Home with "Supa Star."
From "Chitlin Circuit 1.5", here's Little Brother and Yahzarah with "The Beginning."

"You Wouldn't Get Away...My Heart Would Find You Boy"

From 1976's "Consider the Source", here's Creative Source with the stalker anthem, lol, "I'd Find You Anywhere."
From "Doctor's Advocate", here's the Game with "Wouldn't Get Far" feat. Kanye.
From 2004's "Kiss of Death", here's Jadakiss with "By Your Side" --- fave song off the album.

"OG like a Captain That's Retired"...

From 1970's "My Thing", here's Sven Libaek and his Orchestra with "Misty Canyon."
From "The Mouse and the Mask", here's Danger Doom with "Basket Case."