Friday, July 10, 2009

"Yesterdaaay, was so nice todaaay"...

From the 1978 "Fantasy", here's "Yesterday (Was so Nice Today), from Aquarian Dream.
AD is composed of Norman Connors, Don Mizell, Gary Bartz, Albert Jones, and Wah Wah Watson to name a few. This lp is mainly filled with upbeat, disco tinged songs. If you're into that genre, this would be a nice addition.
D'Nell is a London based duo comprised of Dan Jones and Ellie Hajee. Here's the Aquarium Dream sampled "This Thing."


  1. thank you SO SO MUCH FOR SHARING this ! i was searching for this tune for a long long time, THANK YOU SO MUCH once again ! Such a good blog and good work...

  2. you're very welcome!! and thank you for the compliment