Friday, July 10, 2009

"Can't go on...Hangin' On"...

From 1976's "Comin' At Ya", here's percussionist, Coke Escovedo (brother of Alejandro, Pete, and Mario and uncle of Sheila E.) with "Hangin' On." I LOVE this song. Enjoy!
From King Geedorah's (MF DOOM - my dude) "Take Me to Your Leader", here's the Coke Esco sampled "Fastlane."
Also for "Mugwort" by Doom
In keeping in the spirit with the same album, here's one of the ultimate breakbeats and just an all around good, high energy song.
Coke Esco's "I Wouldn't Change a Thing."
Ya'll already know. "Monie in the monie in the monie in the middle..the middle....the the middle." From 1990's "Down to Earth", this was ma girl from the UK. Thank you! Monie for your input as a female emcee. "Monie in the Middle" - Coke Esco sampled
And also
The gods Eric B. and Rakim, here's the title track from '88's "Follow the Leader." Also a great year in hip hop. I was 6, but deep in the culture. The song samples Esco's drums.

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