Saturday, July 11, 2009

"No One's Gonna Love Ya...The Way I Do"....

From the 1984 "Just The Way You Like It", here's Atlanta Band and Jam-Lewis produced, SOS Band with the jam, "No One's Gonna Love You." ......"Rank my love my love ...from 1 to 10...and I'm sure you'll give it 12.." lol. Soooo 80s soul/ it!!
One of the best soul albums of all times, here's my huuusband, lol, Maxwell with the remix of his 2nd single "Ascension - No One's Gonna Love You (Don't Ever Wonder)." SOS sampled of course
From 1993, put together and produced by rapper Paris, here are the girls, Conscious Daughters with the smooth SOS sampled "Somethin' to Ride To (Fonky Expedition)." The lp version doesn't have the sampled version. Still tryna find the SOS sampled version (non video).
My girl!!!! She was about my age when she came out and couldn't believe she could spot so raw..well she had Jay and Nas backing her. She had no choice. lol From "Ill Na Na", here's the SOS sampled "No One's."

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